patient advocacy

Personalized low vision rehabilitation

The problem that each patient faces due to their visual disability is very unique. Low vision rehabilitation for a ten-year-old student is very different from that for a 25-year-old marathon runner. CEGR’s state-of-the-art low vision rehabilitation center will help create customized low vision rehabilitation plans for our patients depending on their specific requirements.

Genetic testing

Genetic testing is a very effective tool in figuring out the category of the disease and its impact. With proper patient consent, we aim to create a database of such patients which can help us attract the best therapies that are being explored in the world for such diseases.

Genetic counselling

A genetic counselor is a very important part of the care team. He/she can help patients figure out the modes of inheritance of the disease, advise on genetic testing, the risk of the disease transmission to the children and so on.

School outreach

Teachers today, however well-meaning, struggle with ways to respond to kids with low vision since they lack the necessary