Our Team

Meet Our Team

Dr.Rajani Battu
Founder and Medical Director
Dr Rajani Battu is currently a senior vitreo retina consultant at Aster CMI Hospital, Bangalore and is considered one of the foremost experts in the field of eye genetics in India. She was previously a senior consultant at Narayana Nethralaya, Bangalore and was awarded the prestigious ICO fellowship for the study of ocular genetic diseases at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London. She also has a PhD in ‘Inherited Retinal Diseases’ from Maastricht University, Netherlands.
Dr Jogin Desai
Co-Founder & Advisor
Dr Jogin Desai is the Founder and CEO of Eyestem Research, a biotech company looking to use stem cell and gene editing technologies to create therapies for degenerative diseases of the eye. Previous to Eyestem, Dr Desai was the CEO of Cenduit, a joint venture between Quintiles and ThermoFisher.

Our Advisor Team

Dr P N Nagpal
Founder-Director, Retina Foundation, Ahmedabad, India

Sight Impairment:

There are very serious societal and human implications for retinal degenerative diseases of the eye. Most of these diseases start at an early age and only a very experienced retinal specialist can discern the ones that are bound to progress slowly vs. the ones that do not. That is why I am delighted that Dr. Rajani Battu has started this non-profit venture. She is one of the most qualified retinal surgeons I have known and I am sure the clinic will be a boon for patients and their families in India. I wish her the very best in this new and brave venture.

Dr James Bainbridge
Professor of Retinal Studies, UCL Institute of Ophthalmology, London Consultant Ophthalmologist, Moorfields Eye Hospital, London, UK

Genetic Testing:

People with sight impairment caused by degenerative diseases of the eye need highly specialist care. I am delighted that Dr. Battu is opening a dedicated clinic for their benefit. Dr. Battu is an internationally recognized expert who is able to offer invaluable management for affected people and their families, both in India and abroad. I am confident that in the years ahead, the clinic will not only be a center of excellent clinical care but will also offer to facilitate important research for the development of treatments.

Dr A S Guruprasad
Professor of Vitreoretina, MM Joshi Eye Institute, Hubli, India

Comprehensive Genetic Testing:

More and more genes have been identified recently as the cause of eye disease. Genetic testing of the family members of a patient can give a lot of information and guidance for the future. The link between knowledge and its effective application is so much essential to reduce the burden of genetic eye disease and needless blindness. I am very glad that such a much needed ‘Centre for Eye Genetics and Research’ is taking birth in Bangalore. It will be a great service to patients in this part of the country given the small numbers of such centers presently available in the country. I wish Dr. Rajani Battu the very best in her initiative and pledge my full support to the cause. I am confident that she will steer it to make it a center of excellence in the coming years

Dr Praveen R Murthy
Consultant, Vitreoretinal services, Prabha eye clinic and research centre and Vittala international institute of ophthalmology, Bangalore, India

Congratulations on setting up the Centre for Eye Genetics and Research. It is a much-needed service which was lacking in our city. Being a stand-alone center it is likely to focus exclusively on giving comprehensive genetic testing and counseling for patients with inherited eye disorders which individual practitioners can access. Knowing your commitment and experience I am sure this center will make a mark in scientific excellence and will also serve patients with empathy. I wish you all the best.

Our Partners

Organization of Rare Diseases of India
CEGR will closely work with ORDI in furthering the cause of rare diseases of India. CEGR has regularly been partnering with ORDI to raise awareness of rare diseases through the ‘annual racefor7’ event held throughout India.
Cytecare Hospitals
Cytecare Hospitals has generously agreed to provide space free of cost to CEGR. We are grateful to the management of Cytecare Hospitals for their continued support.
Rotary Junction of RI Dist 3190
Rotary has been a constant force of encouragement in our work. They have been very kind to donate the Zeiss Optical Coherence Tomography to CEGR. We are grateful to Rotary Bangalore Junction for their continued support.
We are grateful to Synchronoss for their generous donation to kick start the efforts of CEGR.
Forus is our technical partner in our efforts to develop low visual aids. We have currently developed 'Lumino' in partnership with Forus to help with classroom activities for children with low vision.