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Dr A S Guruprasad
Professor of Vitreoretina, MM Joshi Eye Institute, Hubli, India

Genetic Testing:

More and more genes have been identified recently as the cause for eye disease. Genetic testing of the family members of a patient can give a lot of information and guidance for the future. The link between knowledge and its effective application is so much essential to reduce the burden of genetic eye disease and needless blindness. I am very glad that such a much needed ‘Centre for Eye Genetics and Research’ is taking birth in Bangalore. It will be a great service to patients in this part of the country given the small numbers of such centres presently available in the country. I wish Dr.Rajani Battu the very best in her initiative and pledge my full support to the cause. I am confident that she will steer it to make it a centre of excellence in the coming years “